Personal Coaching
Are you interested in personal coaching on applying relationship skills and emotional skills in your life?  Do you want support in 
  • co-creating exceptional relationships
  • dealing with an emotional difficulty
  • healing an emotional wound
  • handling conflict
  • becoming unstoppable in some area of your life
  • thriving emotionally
  • developing sacred spirituality

Do you want some one-on-one help in mastering the skills discussed in this site?

You may be able (depending on availability) to schedule personal coaching to powerfully support you in applying EIQ skills immediately into your life.  Coaching can be arranged in one hour sessions at a cost of $40 per session.  Simply e mail us below and indicate what times during business hours (8am - 5pm) you would be available for a coaching call.  If your financial circumstances require a sliding scale fee or no fee, note that as well in the form below!


General area you want coaching in: