Thriving Emotionally!
Take your emotional skills further.  Build upon the skills you learned in the free Foundational Emotional IQ Course (available now at our home page).  Learn:
  • What causes bad feelings to persist. (Another helping of double chocolate fudge ice cream isn't the answer, neither is another shopping excursion!)
  • Emotional Body Work - Five Minutes to Heal and Uplift the Emotional Body.  Five minutes of Emotional Body Work is some of the most powerful healing work you can do for yourself and the planet.
  • How to generate Exuberance and enthusiasm for your life and your goals in mere minutes every day!
  • How to deal with Depression, Sadness and Worry so that their energy recharges rather than depletes you.
  • Why some patterns tend to repeat themselves in our lives over and over again, despite our best intentions.
  • What the Shadow Side of the Self is and how it saps our well being.
  • Celebration Therapy!  You can heal yourself with Joy and Pleasure.  There is often no need to dig up the past and relive unpleasant experiences! 
  • Sacred Experience - feeling the intrinsic value and unfolding richness of our Selves every day
Thriving Emotionally describes some of the most powerful technologies available for quantum leaps in your emotional evolution.  If you want to take your emotional skills and well being to the next level, this book can help.  $9.95.  

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