Thriving Emotionally!
One of the only books designed to help you to Develop Advanced Emotional IQ!

Finally, here is a book that is designed to help you develop advanced emotional IQ (EIQ).  Not just read about it, not just get some more intellectual information, but to actually increase your ability to thrive emotionally everyday.  In this book, you'll learn:

  • What causes "bad" feelings to persist!  (Another helping of double chocolate fudge ice cream or another shopping excursion isn't the answer!)
  • Emotional Body Work - Five Minutes to Heal and Uplift the Emotional Body.
  • How to feel great on a regular basis!  Grace yourself with feelings of exuberance, thanksgiving and compassion irregardless of your circumstances.
  • How to deal with the Hole in the Self - one of the most profound issues affecting all of your life.
  • How to deal with depression, sadness and worry so that their energy recharges rather than depletes you!
  • Why some patterns tend to repeat themselves in our lives despite our best intentions.  What the Shadow Side of the Self is and how it destroys our well being.
  • How Five Minutes a Day of Higher Emotional Skills can change everything in your life.

There's lots more you'll learn as you read this book.  Hopefully, you've already taken the free Emotional IQ course offered from this website.  Now I encourage you to go even further in developing a high level of Emotional IQ.   I invite you to explore more deeply the possibilities and potential of your emotions and your life. 

This book is a gift to yourself.  In one place you will learns some of the most leading-edge skills currently available on thriving emotionally. 

The book costs only $9.95 (U.S. Dollars) and comes with a complete 90 day money back guarantee.  Click below to pay be credit card or check, and you can download the book immediately right from the web.

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