Train Your Mate

A Book of Relationship Skills

This book is designed to help you discover some of the key relationship skills you were never taught in school.  And when you practice these relationship skills, you can transform your relationship even if your mate hasn't read the book or is completely unaware of what you're doing.  With this book, your can train your mate and yourself to build more intimacy, play and joy into your life. 

If you've taken the free Foundational Emotional IQ Course (available on our home page), you've begun to learn some of the skills we weren't taught in school.  This book goes deeper and further into some of the most powerful relationship skills available to us today.  Here you can learn

The Love Multiplier - How to feel ten times more love in your relationship

Core Intimacy - How to create that rich feeling of deep connection with most everyone in your life

Heart Talk - what you can talk about besides what's for dinner and what's on tv

The PT Factor - the underlying reason most relationships lose intimacy over time

The Ultimate Secret to Great Relationships - this one will surprise you

More on the #1 Most Amazing Relationship Skill

And lots more!  We all deserve to have rich, flourishing relationships.  With the skills discussed in this book, you can almost instantly have more play and less conflict in your life. 

The book costs only $9.95 (U.S. Dollars) and comes with a complete 90 day money back guarantee.  Click below to pay be credit card or check, and you can download the book immediately right from the web.

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