The Emotional  IQ Institute 

Learn the Emotional and Relationship Skills They Never Taught You In School!
The Emotional IQ Institute's mission is to support YOU in developing advanced relationship and emotional skills.  Our aim is to forward
  • breakthrough intimacy
  • blossoming well being
  • emotional richness
  • a sense of the sacred 
in one's daily experience..

The information presented in our courses and materials are drawn from a wide variety of backgrounds:  Neuroscience, transformational technologies, classic philosophies and leading-edge psychology.  Our intent is to present the information in such a way that it becomes working knowledge rather than a bunch of good ideas that you'll soon mostly forget.. 

TheEmotional IQ Institute's aim is to support you in discovering and expressing your own wisdom and magic into the world. 

Our courses speak for themselves.  Try the first free course, experience it for yourself, and see if it adds to the quality of your life.  Then drop us an e-line and tell us what you think! 

The EIQ Institute is a not-for-profit company.  The webmaster for this site is John Laney, who has authored a few books on relationship and emotional skills and teaches courses on Emotional IQ in Denver, Colorado.  He looks forward to any questions or comments you might wish to share.