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      We all learned reading, writing and arithmetic, but what courses did you get to take on thriving emotionally or creating a great relationship?  What classes were offered on how to deal with difficult emotions or how to develop intimacy?  We've all heard of the idea of emotional intelligence, at this site you can actually develop it.  Not theory, not just intellectual understanding, but actual working knowledge of some of the most powerful relationship and emotional skills you can put to use in your life today.

      By e-mail, you can receive a Free Emotional IQ Course that will help you to easily develop new skills in the areas of relationships and feelings.  Thriving Emotionally has to do with "Laughter from the belly, feelings from the heart, sacred experience for the soul, and an unburdened mind that thinks for the whole."  In this powerful five lesson course you'll learn

The #1 Emotional Mistake we make every day (and how to correct it) 

How to transform the quality of any relationship in about 5 minutes  

Create More Play and Intimacy with Your Mate 

Becoming Unstoppable - Getting More of What You Want In Life

A Secret To Happiness Your Momma Couldn't Tell You

How to Heal Emotional Wounds

     This in-depth course is offered completely free, as a public service from the Emotional IQ Institute.  Discover the latest technologies on how to heal emotional wounds and how to avoid common obstacles in relationships.  With this course you'll get information you can put to use today in your life.

      The course comes in five separate lessons one per week.  Take it at your own pace.  Share it with friends.  You can listen to the lesson (audio -coming soon) or read it (text).  Sign up Below and you will immediately receive the First Lesson by Email, followed once a week with the next lesson in our Foundational Emotional IQ Course.   Enjoy!

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